Acceptance of this Refund Policy

As a customer it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with this refund policy. By placing an order for any of our products, you indicate that you have read this refund policy and that you agree with and fully accept the terms of this Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

Due to the fact that the items we sell are digital files so based on their characteristics. Any files sold on our website that are identical to the original version on our site will NOT be refunded. 

We will only make changes according to your requirements previously given and help you as much as possible.

Otherwise, we recognize that due to the nature of the product we provide, a few exceptions may occur.

Therefore, we will only process the refund requests if the digital files couldn’t be resolved or It is perfectly damaged.

Requests for a refund are accepted at Contact Us within the period of 1 week after the order is placed. This request should be accompanied by detailed and well-founded reasons for requesting the refund. Please make sure your request does not contradict our Terms of Use/Privacy Policy.

Contact us if you have any questions about your orders.